A Little Note from TOSS Idea

 I was actually not really interested in attending motivational events, unlike my mom. It is inspiring, of course, but somehow I thought such event was not really helpful and effective in improving my life in the long term. But then I thought maybe it was because I hadn’t found the appropriate one yet, until someday I joined a public speaking class (which is also a motivational event) that coached by Om Prasetya M. Brata and Pakde Prie GS. That was like a turning point in my life in general, eventhough the topic was simply about how to speak well in front of people and to elevate writing skill to a whole new level (and I forgot to post anything about this cuz I’m a horrible procrastinator yuhu! *high-fiving my fellow procs).

And just two days ago, I attended an event called TOSS Idea. Basically, there were 21 speakers with variety of expertises sharing ideas dan knowledges (all in english), each for 10 minutes. I wasn’t afraid that I might not understand their speaking, because as long as it’s not in british and indian accent, it’s all right (you know, I don’t understand a word in Harry Potter films without reading the sub).

The event was held in Intitut Francais Indonesia that located inside the Embassy of France. The auditorium of the event was relatively small but really nice and comfy. The audio and stage lighting system was also seem professional and fancy.

By the way, I’m not gonna review all the speeches (there were 21 of them duh). I’m just gonna write some of the ideas that I personally relate to and inspire me the most.

Prie GS took the stage as the first speaker. I expected Pakde to say something funny, and yes he did, at the very first sentence of his speech. And that’s all that matter, basically. When you can catch audience’s attention at the first 7 seconds you speak on the stage, people would excited to listen to you until the end. So, Pakde talked about his love story, how he met his wife and got married. It was impossible for him to attract women, because he wasn’t confident of his looks. But it became possible after he mastered that “Heuristic” method; the capability of solving problem (even if it’s simple daily problem) from himself. In this method, we just need to “watch and catch” the goal or desired result without calculating or having an organized hypothesis (as in basketball player who can catch the ball without calculating the velocity of the ball and all the mathematical stuffs). If we always do it, it will become constant. And that is the art of meaningful life.

The second speaker was Hendra Gunawan, a Neuro Semantics Trainer. He talked about how to become un-insultable. When we get insulted by other people, we have a choice to change our response. We can’t control other people’s words, but we can control how we see and think about it. And most importantly, don’t take it personal; we need to separate the insult (or criticm) whether it is targeted towards human doing or human being. When someone tell you that you are not good enough to be a public speaker, he’s talking about what you do, not you as a being.

The next speech was about vulnerability, delivered by Maida Novriza. As a human being, it is normal not to be perfect. It’s okay to expose our vulnerability and show our auntenthic persona. For Maida, vulnerability means the courage to open ourself, things that happen in our life, with a state of worthiness. I personally think this was such a touching speech; because I am the type of person who always worrying what other people think of me and my vulnerability. I need to always keep in mind that I am still human, I am “perfect-fully not perfect”. Even right now, I’m trying to avoid feeling shame because of my messy-grammatical-english-writing (ugh I didn’t quite nail it lol).

Wirzal Arzaqi, giving speech about value awareness

Fay Irvanto, a Leadership Charisma Guru, also gave an inspiring presentation. I recently got interested in charisma because I felt curious about my dad who’s being respected by people around me (they say he’s charismatic). Fay said that charisma ia all about influence; “charismatic leaders will make his team more commited and give more that what is expected”. And there are 3 main qualities of charisma;

  1. Competence. Master your area. If you haven’t reach that quality, just show it visually. Speak like an expert. Show people that you are competent in your own field.
  2. Conviction. Learn the way you speak. Convince people with your body languange. Enter the room like a boss.
  3. Congruence. Whatever you do and what you say must be in line.

I also appreciate Iwel Wel (Stand Up Mativator) and Dr. Zee (Islamic Health Inspirator) who has brought crazy laughter in the room. My throat felt so dry throughout their presentation, like gosh, I love funny people. Bless them.

Unfortunely, I had to go home early after the speech of Om Prasetya. But, over all, I enjoyed the event and am grateful for the hardwork all the speakers put in this show.

If you want to watch some of the speeches, you can click here and here.

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