Book Review: Parallel World

Hello there! It’s been a while since I posted any English article here. Now I’m going to review a book that I bet would make you hypnotized with its unthinkable ideas! 🙂



Before jump to the point, I’m going to tell you first how did I get this book and intrigued to read it over. It was all started because of philosophy. As you guys know I recently have been writing articles about philosophy on my blog (in Bahasa), and it might continue until part 15. It is so addicting to know the deep meanings behind all the things around me. It has changed my point of view towards the world. All I see around me; the people, universe, God, the living and dead creatures, my mind, consciousness, even my faith are not the same anymore (it doesn’t mean I become an atheist. Some people think studying philosophy will make you turn into an atheist because it’s sometimes questioning about God or criticizing religion, but I assure you, it’s not true. Instead, being critical about God and receiving good answers will make you understand Him and His existence more.)

Philosophy leads me to know more about universe.

I, myself, never doubt that universe is the most beautiful yet mysterious thing ever. When the first time I visited Bosscha Observatory, I completely fascinated with the night sky. I couldn’t imagine how vast is the heaven; how come our earth with this enormous size can be look so tiny compared to other stars; how did the universe begin—and how will it end; is it infinite or finite? It was too difficult for me to understand amount of scientific theories that try to explain the whole secret behind universe.

One day, I had a friend that lent me a book called Parallel Worlds written by Michio Kaku. I have heard that name before. I guessed he’s a famous physicist because every time I searched a science documentary film on youtube, he’s quite often appeared on the video list.

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